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The Soccer Club of the Roaring Fork Valley

Adverse Weather

Adverse Weather Policy

Each team coach is the directly responsible person for the safety of the group of players they have care over and must act accordingly in adverse weather conditions to protect every player from harm. 

Should there be any lightning within a 10 mile radius of a training/game facility, all activities are suspended. Coaches will instruct all players to seek shelter in covered facilities or in cars as appropriate and available. Activities may resume once 30 minutes have passed from the final lightning strike within the 10 mile radius.

Always use common sense when it comes to weather risk. Though the technology solutions available to all coaches are very good tools, they are not 100% foolproof. If you see lightning and/or hear thunder, and your weather app does not match what you are observing, again, err on the side of caution and seek shelter.

Automatic Weather Detection Technology

Depending on the site of the practice/game, a lightning detection technology may be on-site, at which time, coaches and teams should defer to its technology as the primary for that facility and act accordingly. If there is no one designated on-site, that responsibility falls to the coach (volunteer or contract) to make a call and communicate with their team. 

Absence of Automatic Weather Detection Technology at Facility

RFU coaches should be equipped with a Weatherbug phone application, a fee-for-service adverse weather detection phone application that provides lightning and adverse weather condition detection.

This policy is primarily written to address lighting, as that is the most prevalent safety risk that occurs in Colorado. However, if extreme wind, hail, tornadoes, blizzards, or any other weather event that may endanger players occurs, you must clear fields to assure the safety of all players.

Cancelling Practices 

If lightning is still in the area halfway through practice, you must call off your practice, or the storm does not appear to be passing quickly, RFU ask that the coach end practice/games instead of a delay. 


Please make sure that you have a team communication contact list for parents. This will be the easiest form of team communication.  

Parent Request 

If there looks like lightning nearby at the beginning of practice, please ask parents to stick around to keep players in their car. 


  • Lightning 10-12 miles away: Warning Zone
  • Lightning 6-10 miles away: Clear the fields and seek shelter 
  • Lightning 0-6 miles away: Immediate Danger, seek shelter
  • Returning to play: Players can return to the fields 25 minutes after the last lightning strike that is 10 or more miles away.

 Where to Seek Shelter: 

  1. Park Pavilions
  2. Cars of coaches and/or parents (must be in groups)
  3. Restrooms 

 Where NOT to Seek Shelterยท        

  • Under a tree
  • Under or by any tall objects
  • Under an umbrella
  • Near water
  • Under or near a soccer goal


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